Helm Greyaxe

The Captain of the Greencrest Militia


Helm Greyaxe is an imposing man, with a massive force of personality – which is why most are surprised when they realize his short stature. If he was able to stand up straight, he’d push 5’6". He can’t, however, as his right leg was cut – or as he claims, bitten – off, just above the knee. He walks with a cane, and in during official or dangerous occasions will be seen in his scale armor with a greatsword on his back.


Helm Greyaxe grew up a farming boy in Greencrest, before he left to pursue a life of adventuring. He returned a couple decades later, having lost a leg and gained a case of PTSD. In the past dozen years, he’s become the head of the town’s militia, making them much more capable in combat and creating and implementing a number of emergency plans for the town, in case of disaster – natural or otherwise.

Helm values preparation, but holds the philosophy that essentially any situation will devolve into violence. Rather than fearing the prospect, Helm relishes it, and is more than happy to lead the slaughter of Greencrest’s enemies.

Helm Greyaxe

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