The Mysterious Caster of the Woods


Grievance is a red Tiefling woman, with prominent, backwards-pointing horns and a long, pointed tail. She stands very tall – though none are of enough impunity to measure her, she’s been seen looking down upon Reeve Mostano. Grievance is of an indiscernible age – do not be fooled by the artifacts of her demonic bloodline. Despite her youthful skin and athletic figure, she there are none living in the town who remember a time without her presence.


Grievance is an extremely odd character – none are sure of her origin, and all have differing tales of her intent. Some claim her to be a protector, others report that she plots the town’s downfall. Reports of her communing with demons clash with reports of her nursing injured wildlife back to health. She is an enigma, and while she does not live within the town, she is rarely absent from the making of any major decision.

Grievance rarely offers council, and it is even more rarely sought. Still, approximately once a year, she voices her opinion on some issue. Despite the fear of all listeners, she is most often gentle and soft-spoken, and seemingly bears no grudge if a decision is made contrary to her advice. She tends to council caution, diplomacy, and intelligence, and strongly discourages rash decision making.

Every few years, some disgruntled group of men get the thought to storm her cabin and drive her out of town. Without fail, their full number will return home safe, uninjured, and with trousers absolutely soiled.


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