The Town of Greencrest

The town of Greencrest is, in truth, little more than a large village, under the control of the Baron Raymundus of the nation of Ebron. Beyond that, the village’s inhabitants have little knowledge of the outside world.



Greencrest has a little over 2,000 inhabitants, most involved in agriculture, with a smattering of representatives of the various trades.

The population is predominantly human – Tethryian and Calishite – with a smattering of various other races, most notably halflings.


Greencrest exports several different types of grains, grown in the fields west of the town. The varying types allows for year-round production.

Each month, a caravan will come down to Greencrest via the northern road, bringing luxury goods for trade and purchasing whatever grain crop is available for sale. Most goods the town needs are produced by its residents, as the town is relatively isolated.


Greencrest is protected, when the need arises, by a rough, poorly trained citizen militia, often outfitted only with farming implements.

The militia’s targets will generally only include raiding goblins from the nearby forests, as well as the occasional small bandit group. Greater threats than that require a higher level of intervention.


While Greencrest is technically ruled by Baron Raymundus, the town is ruled-by-proxy via Reeve Mostana, a generally well-liked Calishite man.

Greencrest is a part of the feudal nation of Ebron.

Greencrest holds very little political significance.

Notable People

The party may wish to familiarize themselves with the following people;

  • Father Tallstag, a priest of Pelor and a central religious figure of the town.
  • Grievance, a mysterious tiefling woman who lives in the forest, visiting the town occasionally.
  • Helm Greyaxe, a former adventurer and head of the town’s militia.

Notable Buildings


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