Reeve Mostana

The Political Leader of Greencrest


The Reeve is a slight, slender man, standing 5 feet 9 inches, and weighing about 140 pounds. He has fair skin, brown hair, and blue eyes. He usually goes unarmed and unarmored, but for ceremonial occasions wears ornate leather armor and his father’s rapier.


Reeve Tomman Mostano is the son of the late Cormack Mostano, inheriting his position from his father. The Reeve is unmarried and childless, having an awkward class separation from both the members of his village, and any of an upper class that may visit. Although to hear of it, it seems the Reeve isn’t too bothered by a lack of women in his life – he appears to much prefer the company of men.

The Reeve is diplomatic, and will usually seek to find a nonviolent solution to an issue before any other, even at personal loss. This is not out of cowardice, however – the Reeve views the lives and livelihoods of all in his village as his own personal responsibility.

Reeve Mostana

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