Melil Re'in

Greencrest's Resident Smith


Melil Rein is a tall, muscular Calishite youngish man, having recently celebrating his 28th birthday. He stands a bit over six feet tall, with an imposing, muscular structure brought about from his line of work.


Melil Rein is a highly talented blacksmith, and one of the few Greencrest residents not born there. He grew up in the city of Mazad, where he picked up the smithing trade and grew to be able to compete with the greatest smiths in the city. Eventually, however, he tired of city life and moved to Greencrest, citing corruption, danger, and stress as motivators for the move. Between his apprentice, and keeping over a thousand farmers supplied, he stays very busy.

Today, he is an extremely influential member of the community – as the only smith in town, almost all residents meet with him at one time or another. He particularly has sway with the town’s young people, who are captivated by his tales of the city, and his open-to-viewers workshop. Melil prefers to avoid violence, and is quick to diffuse a dangerous situation with a smile and a laugh. However, if the lives or livelihoods of himself or others is threatened, he is more than willing to protect them by any means necessary, and is quite capable of doing so – with his custom warhammer, Melil is one of the most capable members of the Greencrest Militia.

Melil Re'in

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