Father Tallstag

The Religious Leader of Greencrest


A robust, older man, perhaps 65 years of age. He is a 5’10 Tethryian man of pale complexion and blue eyes, along with shoulder length grey-white hair. He is more muscular than one might expect of a priest, but is never seen with a weapon or armor.


Father Jor Tallstag is the religious leader of Greencrest, being the sole priest of Pelor at the town’s only church. He holds twice daily services, and lives off of donations from churchgoers.

The man is not one to shy away from violence should the situation require it, and has occasionally served alongside the militia to fend off goblin raids. Further, he recommends the elimination of all evil, albeit in the safest way possible, believing in the power of numbers over the power of individuals. He is confident in all things, with a powerful, charismatic personality.

It is rumored that in his youth, Father Tallstag served Pelor as a Paladin, although the Father has never spoken of it, and none know what may have convinced him to retire.

Father Tallstag

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